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Journey to Rewilding
Threatened Species Oracle Cards

Start Your Rewilding Journey at Home

Love of nature and creativity are powerful energies and are needed to help our animal friends. These cards are designed to help you participate in assisting threatened species in physical, energetic, and spiritual practices.

Animal Totem Oracle Cards Prototype

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Empowering local changes
one species at a time

Oracle Cards & Companion Book

This boxed set contains fifty-four cards representing various species and habitats found in North America that are currently listed as threatened.

• These cards are designed to inspire new friendships with our wild animal neighbors so we can learn how to support them and the habitats we share.

• Understand your connection to threatened species through the divinatory process.

• Suggested Meditations, shamanic journeys and other related materials for personal growth and how to connect with local threatened species

• Creative visualizations to help envision vibrancy and abundance for all species. Where you focus your energy, positive change follows, creating a ripple effect for all living beings.

In the studio with Mia Bosna

All fifty-six cards were created with watercolor painting.


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