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As an illustrator, my work has been seen in many different commercial markets as well as fine art galleries and private collections. No matter what the use of the image has been or how it has been displayed, it has been painted with the intention to inspire. You can see the word inspire as two words “in spirit” or understand it from the Latin origin inspiratus – to breathe into.

My most recent project “Journey to Rewilding” is focused on inspiring people to learn more about the species in their own backyard or neighborhood. All species and particularly threatened and endangered species need our help in every way possible. The images painted for this project are just a sampling to inspire and reconnect people to the species that have been forgotten but need their help through meditation, prayer, or shamanic journeys.

The other focus of my work is on an unconventional kind of portraiture. I take the inspiring elements from the Healing Story and illustrate them in a painting. These images come from shamanic journeys that I do on behalf of my clients. These paintings are visual reminders and were created as an inspiration for core issues of great importance.

I graduated from The University of the Arts, as an illustrator. For more details on Educational Background, Experience, Awards, and Endorsements:

Artist & Shamanic Practitioner

I had many experiences during wake and dreamtime throughout my childhood that were otherworldly, challenging, and unexplained. After many years of trying to figure out how to block everything that I couldn’t explain I finally found a spiritual path that helped reveal the world in all its dimensions. Shamanism brought much-needed reasoning and relief.

The information from dreams and shamanic journeys comes through in a multisensorial way. This is translated into a two-dimensional painting that is energetically encoded in every stroke. After creating these first paintings and seeing how they were helpful for my personal path, I began to offer my skill as an illustrator and shamanic practitioner to others.

I have currently taken some time off as a shamanic practitioner to be able to complete my card deck. For assistance with Shamanic healing work, please see the resources list at the bottom of the “About Shamanism” page >


Training in Shamanism

Foundation for Shamanic Studies

Sandra Harner, Ph.D., CSCShamanic Counseling

Sandra IngermanMASoul Retrieval

Carol Proudfoot-Edgar, ShamanAncestral Shamanism + Northeastern Native Peoples, Medicine for our present age: Bear, Buffalo & Iniskim

Tom Cowan, PhdCeltic Shamanism

Betsy BergstromThought and Curse Unraveling, Compassionate Depossession, Mediumship Intensive, Ancestral fields & Seidr

Stephen Gallegos, Ph.D. – Personal Totem Pole Process – The Voice and the Vessel, New Mexico

Joseph Rael, ShamanNative American Mystery School, New Mexico

Jim Frank –  8 Month Training in Shamanism + Multicultural Medicine Wheel

Andrea Largent, MSW, CYTField Constellation – 2 yr intensive, 8 yrs. Group

Heart of the Goddess – Renee Welde & Connie Keener – 9 month Woman Wisdom Mystery School

Other Related Training & Workshops

Jaime Meyer, MA, Celtic Shamanism: “Where I am Folded, There I am a Lie”

Bill Harvey, MA, Certified Advanced RolferBreathing and Self Regulation

Ted AndrewsHow to Work with Spirit Guides

Geo Cameron TrevarthenCeltic Shamanism & Transformational Rituals

Hank WesselmanWorking with Ancestral Spirits

Dana RobinsonCSCBasic course in Core Shamanism

Linda Rose Hallowell – Shamanic Journeying

Angela Rapalyea – Medicine for the Earth

Margot Adler – Modern Ceremonies

Layne Redmond – Healing Properties of the Frame Drum

Vicki NobleRitual & Healing Practices

Jaqui McDonald  – Reiki 1 Certification

Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche – New Kadampa Tradition


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