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It takes an artist to paint a village.

I enjoy designing and creating images that help to define a story or to tell a story of their own. Great design and illustrations have the ability to inspire, educate and stir the viewers curiosity.

I have worked for small design studios to large advertising agencies as a graphic designer to produce a wide range of designs for publishing, promotion and display design. As an illustrator I have created Cover illustrations and interior feature illustrations for books and magazines, advertisements and fine art prints.

For Educational Background, Experience, Endorsements:

Freelance Designer & Illustrator Services:

ILLUSTRATION:  I create both traditional and digital illustrations. From Watercolor paint brushes to digital brushes I create images that stay with the viewer long after the page is turned or swiped.

GRAPHICS:  I work primarily in Adobe CS Photoshop and Illustrator to create vector art, logos, and promotional materials for print and web.

WEBSITES:  I specialize in customizing WordPress templates for individual practitioners and small businesses. I can help you create a new site or update your existing site with an easy and seamless transition.

FINE ART: I have created ZenAssemblage to showcase my photography of recycled items that are altered in photoshop to resemble Zen Calligraphy, ancient artifacts and visual poetry:

Mia Bosna
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