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Inspired • Curious • Visionary

I like to tell stories through my art. Sometimes the image goes beyond words and makes its way to the unconscious to awaken a part of the true self.  In this place, the image facilitates the viewer’s own story and with any luck, a movement towards personal evolution.

This website showcases all of my illustration work in various mediums. I work as an illustrator for many different kinds of businesses, including small design studios, large advertising agencies, corporations, institutions and publishers. My work has been utilized in commercial print applications and can be seen in Fine Art Galleries. (see exhibit page for more details)

I graduated from The University of the Arts as an illustrator. For more details on Educational Background, Experience, Endorsements:

Traditional Illustration: Images created in watercolor and colored pencil.

PhotoIllustration:  Images created by merging photographs along with digital painting techniques. For more samples of this style:

To inquire about commissioned art: 610.933.4545

Mia Bosna
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