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Photography in nature is an essential reference for all my work.




Visual storytelling is an ancient art. I like to illustrate stories that help visualize an aspect of life that we all share but in a way that might instigate a new perspective. The underlying intention is to awaken our child-like curiosity and abilities for perceiving nature with all our senses. This energetic quality is an aspect of the traditional artwork and has a deeper presence in the shamanic paintings. The digital artwork also carries its own energetic qualities and borrows from the brush strokes, textural swipes of pastel and graphite drawings stored in my mind’s eye.

This website is a mini showcases of my illustration work in various mediums. I have worked as an illustrator and designer for many different kinds of businesses, including small design studios, large advertising agencies, corporations, institutions and publishers. My work has been utilized in commercial print applications and can be seen in Fine Art Galleries. (see exhibit page for more details)

I am a graduate of The University of the Arts, with trainings focused in illustration. For more details on Educational Background, Experience, Endorsements:

Traditional & Shamanic Illustrations: These images are primarily created in watercolor and colored pencil.

PhotoIllustrations: My Photographs are transformed into illustrations through experimentation with digital software while comfortably sitting at a computer for inhumane hours.

Check out my shop for fine art prints coming soon.

Mia Bosna

Artist & Shamanic Practitioner

Throughout my childhood I had experienced many experiences during wake and dreamtime that were other worldly, challenging and unexplained. Shamanism brought much needed reasoning and relief. It was here that the possibilities of a meaningful spiritual life started to unfold.

Many of the images in my paintings come directly from shamanic journeys and some have come through dreams. Some of these dreams come so often I feel compelled to paint them so I may further understand their meaning. After creating these paintings for myself and seeing how they were helpful and functioned, I began to offer my skill as an illustrator and shamanic practitioner to others. These paintings can act as a guidepost and reminder of the person’s clear intentions for their life.

Training in Shamanism

Foundation for Shamanic Studies

   P.O. Box 1939, Mill Valley, CA 94942

Sandra Harner, Ph.D., CSC

   Shamanic Counseling

Sandra IngermanMA

   Soul Retrieval

Carol Proudfoot-Edgar, Shaman

   Ancestral Shamanism + Northeastern Native Peoples,

   Medicine for our present age: Bear, Buffalo & Iniskim

Tom Cowan, Phd

   Celtic Shamanism

Dana RobinsonCSC

   Basic course in Core Shamanism


Betsy Bergstrom

   Thought and Curse Unraveling,

   Compassionate Depossession

   Mediumship Intensive

   Ancestral fields & Seidr

Stephen Gallegos, Ph.D., Shaman

   Personal Totem Pole Process

The Voice and the Vessel

Joseph Rael, Shaman

   Native American Mystery School

Jim Frank

   8 Month Training in Shamanism

Multicultural Medicine Wheel

Ted Andrews

How to Work with Spirit Guides

Geo Cameron

Celtic Shamanism

Hank Wesselman

Working with Ancestral Spirits

Linda Rose Hallowell – Shamanic Journeying


Other Related Trainings

Andrea Largent, MSW, CYT

   Field Constellation – 2 yr intensive, 8 yrs. Group

Bill Harvey, MA, Certified Advanced Rolfer

   Breathing and Self Regulation

Angela Rapalyea – Medicine for the Earth

Margot Adler – Modern Ceremonies

Layne Redmond

Healing Properties of the Frame Drum

Heart of the Goddess – Renee Welde

Woman Wisdom Mystery School 9 month program

Vicki Noble

Ritual & Healing Practices

Reiki 1 Certification


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