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Painting the Healing Story

These paintings serve as powerful reminders of the protection, guidance, and insights of our guides. A painting that I created in 2000 continues to provide support along my evolving journey, despite numerous changes in my life along the way. These paintings embody a specific energetic pattern that has remained a constant source of motivation throughout my life.

These paintings come out of my training as an artist and shamanic practitioner. I paint the healing story to convey the message from your spiritual guides. I take a shamanic journey on your behalf, ask your guides your question of importance, and retrieve the information that addresses your question. The healing story comes in many forms, some are words that need to be conveyed, some are embedded in the images themselves, and some come energetically in the painting process.

Commissioning Shamanic Portraits & Chakra Totem Portraits

Commission a Shamanic Portrait

A Shamanic Portrait is a two-dimensional glimpse of your spirit guide’s message. The image is taken from the information obtained from a shamanic journey that is done on your behalf. These images are created as an inspiration for the soul’s journey.

Spiritual Paintings that Help Manifest Your Intentions

From our earliest history, we have sought spiritual signposts to mark our journey through life. For people on every continent, the shaman provided a channel to the guiding spirit forces. From the earliest images found as cave paintings, petroglyphs, and sculptures, the shamans, as healers, created art to help their communities to heal and manifest their intentions.
Our tools and dwellings have changed, but we continue to face physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges. When we feel tested by life, it is still immensely helpful to have a visual reminder of our spirit guide’s message. That is why I have combined my classic training as an illustrator with my shamanic practice to create Shamanic Portraits for individuals.

Samples of portraits from shamanic journeys can be found on the “Shamanic Portrait” page and “Chakra Totem Page”.

Commission a Chakra Totem Portrait

On behalf of the client, a shamanic journey is taken to learn about each chakra totem guide. Every chakra is accompanied by a unique spiritual guide, often manifesting as animals or other living beings.

Derived from Sanskrit, “chakra” translates to “circle” or “wheel.” These focal points symbolize the holistic well-being of an individual, encompassing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual realms through energy regulation.

Chakra Totem Portraits are a powerful way to check in with the energetic flow in each chakra and the areas of the body that they influence. By fostering relationships with these guides, we unlock their wisdom to aid in our awareness, healing, and evolution.

These paintings primarily emphasize the seven major chakra areas spanning from the crown to the base. I am aware that there may be additional chakra centers within our field. If other chakra centers present themselves in the journey work I will be including them.

The simple steps to order your portrait

Schedule your painting.    Your painting can take anywhere from two weeks to five weeks to complete (depending on size). When you contact me, I will let you know when your painting can be scheduled and completed.

Payment Schedule

1. Deposit of 1/2 to schedule your portrait.

The shamanic journey information is reviewed with you by phone and then written up in a report emailed or mailed to you.

( For the Chakra Totem Portrait, the Shamanic Journey information for all seven chakras will be included)

2. Balance of 1/2 is due upon completion.

Notice is given by email, and your payment arrangements can be made through Stripe, PayPal or Venmo. (A link for all three will be sent in the email)

3. Artwork is shipped and notification of the shipping is sent to you.

For sizes, price list and process details, use the contact form below.


Visionary Paintings Contact Form


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