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Totem Portraits


Commissioned paintings of chakras guides

Soul Portraits

Shamanic Painting

Commissioned paintings created from the shamanic journey

Bosnart Collection

Dreaming of Hummingbird by MiaBosna

Paintings created from shamanic journeys or dreamtime

About Shamanism
The path of direct revelation

Shamanism is an ancient spiritual practice that has been found on every continent dating back 40,000 years. This spiritual practice is based on the concept of animism, which holds that all things on this planet have a spiritual essence. Our ancestors believed that their health and survival depended on maintaining a relationship between the natural and spiritual worlds. They relied on the shaman to act as their intermediary between the visible and the invisible worlds. Through rituals designed to work with the helping spirits, the shaman facilitated the wellbeing of the community and addressed the spiritual disharmony believed to be at the root of an individual’s illness.

As mankind modernized, organized religion succeeded in marginalizing shamanic practice. But over the past thirty years, interest in shamanism has surged in the western world. Dozens of books on the topic continue to be published every year. In addition, many western therapists and health practitioners have incorporated shamanic techniques into their own practice. For these professionals, this practice is by no means to take the place of traditional or alternative healing methods but seeks an integrative approach to healing that adds a deeply personal and profound spiritual dimension.

Commission a Shamanic Portrait

A visual reminder of the spiritual guidance that is available to help us on our journey

A Shamanic Portrait is a two dimensional glimpse of your spirit guides message. The image is extracted out of the information obtained from a shamanic journey that is taken on your behalf. These images are created as an inspiration for the soul’s journey.

Spiritual Paintings that Help Manifest Your Intentions

From our earliest history, we have sought spiritual signposts to mark our journey through life. For people all over the planet, it was the shaman who provided a channel to the guiding spirit forces. From the earliest images found as cave paintings, petroglyphs and sculptures, the shamans, as healers, created art to help their communities to heal and manifest their intentions.
Our tools and dwellings have changed, but we continue to face physical, emotional and spiritual challenges. During those times when we feel tested by life, it is still immensely helpful to have a visual reminder of our spirit guide’s message. That is why I have combined my classic training as an illustrator with my shamanic practice to create Shamanic Portraits for individuals.

Samples of portraits from shamanic journeys can be found below:

Chakra Totem Gallery

Shamanic Portrait Gallery

Shamanic Paintings Gallery

The Shamanic Journey
Discovering non-ordinary worlds

This kind of journey refers to shifting of consciousness and going into a trance state. While in a trance the shamanic practitioner travels to a “non-ordinary” reality with a specific intention to meet with their spiritual guides to get information (for themselves or on behalf of others) and then intentionally returns to ordinary reality to share the information.

There are many ways that we can see or perceive information while doing a shamanic journey. Many of us have a mixture of the “Clairs” while journeying. The most common of these is Clairvoyance, which is the ability to receive information about a person, object, land, or physical event through means other than the known human senses. Clairaudience – Sound, Clairsentience – Feeling or touch, Clairconscious – Knowning, and Clairsalience – Smell, are all ways to convey the information is given in a shamanic journey.

Artwork created from
the Shamanic Journey

For thousands of years, artwork has played an essential part in shamanic ritual.  These paintings also show that the shaman played an important role of portraying the rituals that could insure the survival of their people. They made paintings of their rituals on cave walls deep inside a mountains, carved small sculptures, and made musical instruments for rituals. These and many more creative aspects of this spiritual practice underscores the importance of the shamanic spiritual life and ultimately for their survival.

Today, we are faced with numerous challenges including our general disconnection to nature, climate crisis and collapse of food production all over the world. Now more than ever we need guide posts to bring hope and to initiate our movement towards healing.  Artwork can be a reminder of a special message that comes from the spiritual allies to help guide us along our path. I am one of the many who are part of this tradition of making visuals as reminders of the messages from our guides.

Commission a Chakra Totem Portrait

A Chakra Totem Portrait is a painting of the spiritual guides for all of the main chakras.

A journey is taken on behalf of the client to learn about each chakra guide and their message for that particular area. Each chakra has its own guide which can take the form of many different beings, most of which are animal but can also be other living beings.

The word “chakra” is a Sanskrit term meaning circle or wheel. These specific areas on the body indicate health and balance of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of a person by regulating the energies.

Why a portrait of chakra animals? This is a powerful way to connect on a daily basis with those who can remind us to check in with the energetic flow in each chakra and between the chakras. We can also create a relationship with each chakra guide to utilize the medicine they offer that can help us with our awareness, healing and spiritual growth.

I am aware that many of us may have many other chakra points within our field, above and below the main chakra points. If other chakra points show up and call to be addressed, I will include them. These paintings are focused primarily on the seven major chakra areas from the crown to the base.

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