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J2R Card samplesWho lives in your neighborhood?

This divinatory deck explores diverse ways to engage in a positive restoration process. Whether seeking daily inspiration or addressing challenges, these cards provide a fresh perspective and ways to foster abundance across all species and habitats. The deck also includes eight major habitats as living beings with distinctive frequencies and lessons for restoration. Additionally, three blank cards are included to allow personalization with photos or art of local species.

The Journey To Rewilding Oracle Card Set merges spirituality and conservation, fostering compassion for local animal friends, and offers a unique approach to elevate consciousness and shift our reality toward positive outcomes.

This is an invitation to embrace your role as a creative and compassionate being to contribute to the restoration of habitats through the energy of your spiritual practices. Whether through prayer, journeying, or meditation, these practices elevate consciousness, steering our reality toward positive outcomes. Together, we can be a force for positive change.
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Personalized portraits

These are personalized portraits that come from Shamanic Journey information. The intention behind this kind of work is to encode the painting with the energies and visuals of the healing story. These paintings serve as potent reminders of the protection, guidance, and insights provided by your guides. They are created to offer support for your continually evolving journey.

The Chakra Totem Portrait Gallery are paintings that act as a powerful reminder to check in with the energetic flow of each chakra and the areas of the body that they influence. By fostering relationships with these guides, we unlock their wisdom to aid in our awareness, healing, and evolution.

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It takes an artist to paint a village

The images in the traditional Illustration section are paintings that have been for commercial use in print publications, packaging design, and advertisements. Commercial work requires the artist to translate a concept into a visual that communicates the essence of the message in a clear way to a broad audience. This is part of the fundamental training for an illustrator and it has helped me with all other aspects of my artwork and design. Getting to the core of the message can mean tapping into the essence of the message. There is always room for a commercial work of art to move people in ways that elevate their spirit. This has always been the main intention behind the majority of my work, from the smallest details to the larger impact. 

Born in New York and raised in Pennsylvania, studied Illustration at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.  My artwork has been on exhibit at the Society of Illustrators in New York and other galleries. As a commercial illustrator, my artwork has been reproduced on book covers and other publications.
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