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Your Fine Art Painting & Copyright

Thank you for commissioning your personalized Shamanic Portrait for your home or office.

As a person who makes a living as an artist, I show samples of my work on my website and may use a part of the whole image as part of the promotion of my work. Your personal information is never shared or mentioned. The information from the shamanic journey is yours and is only for you.

The painting commissioned by you is owned by you as a work of art for the home or office. The copyright to this image is owned by the artist and is an industry-standard that provides that no unauthorized reproductions of this image can be made for other uses. This original painting, Shamanic Portrait or Chakra Totem Portrait is sold as a fine art painting that is for your home or office and is not intended to be used in any advertising, publishing, copied or reproduced as print, digitally or any other way of duplicating. 

©Mia Bosna2021


A note about sizes:  Sometimes your artwork needs to be designed with a more narrow measurement and taller and other times it might need to be wider and shorter. The total amount of square inches of your painting will equal the measurements listed below.

The initial payment for the shamanic journeys is subtracted from the balance due.

11″ x 14″   –   $600.

14″ x 18″   –   $1100.

20″ x 24″  –  $1800.

36″ x 48″  –  $4000.

44″ x 60″  –  $5000.

A 50% deposit is required before your painting is started.

Shamanic Journey: Payment required to schedule your shamanic Journey is $150. This includes payment is for the initial shamanic journey that takes place before your painting is started. This $150 is then deducted from total fee for the portrait. The report of the journey information will happen over the phone and then a written report of my journey notes will be emailed to you after our conversation..


Chakra Totem Portrait: Payment for the shamanic journeys required is $350. A report of my notes will be sent to you immediately after our conversation on the phone. A printed report will also be attached to the back of the portrait.

11″ x 14″   –   $800.

14″ x 18″   –   $1200.

20″ x 24″  –  $2400.

36″ x 48″  –  $4500.

44″ x 60″  –  $6500.

A 50% deposit is required to start your painting.

Schedule your painting   

Your painting can take any where from two weeks to five weeks to complete (depending on size). When you contact me I will let you know when your painting can be scheduled and completed.

Payment Schedule

1. Payment for the Shamanic Journey is made at this time to start the process.  We will schedule a time to review the shamanic journey information over the phone and then a report will be emailed to you after our conversation.

2. Deposit of 1/2 to schedule your portrait.

3. An image of your completed portrait will be sent via email. The balance due is paid before shipping your painting. (Shipping is included in the list price)

PAYPAL buttons below.


Shamanic Journey

Shamanic Journey

This payment is for the initial journey(s) needed to create your painting.

Paypal will allow you to determine the amount and the type of credit card you choose.

I’m looking forward to facilitating this Shamanic Journey on your behalf.

Thank you


Portrait Deposit

Thank you for your purchase.

Please deposit 50% of the total price for your portrait.

(Minus the shamanic journey fee that you have already purchased)

A receipt will be emailed to you.

I’m looking forward to starting your painting!


Balance Due

The balance due is paid just before shipping.

You will receive a receipt via email.

Thank you for your purchase.




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