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Meditations and Shamanic Journeys
For Species & Habitats

Basic information to support the rewilding of your neighborhood and self.

Journey To Rewilding - Mia Bosna

Basic Meditation
for All Species

This basic meditation is about envisioning full vibrant health for yourself that expands to a larger energetic field around you that will include your species, their habitat, and beyond. Prepare your space for meditation before continuing.

• Settle into a comfortable position. Closing your eyes and relaxing your facial muscles.

• Take your time as you inhale a deep breath from above your head and allow it to move down through the crown of your head, through the throat, chest and down into your stomach. As you exhale, allow your breath to continue down through the body, into your legs, out your feet, and into the earth. Repeat this two more times then return to normal breathing.

• Now visualize a vibrant aura of health around you and allow it to expand to include your entire room, and continue to expand further to include your building, and into the habitat where your species lives.

• Notice the vibrant aura surrounding your species in their habitat.

• With each new breath, expand this field of light and energy for the health and vibrancy of everyone.

• Give thanks to your species for their presence in the world.

• Envision this species and habitat in full health with the frequency of protection surrounding them.

Special Meditations

This meditation is for those needing a simple gesture to be able to steady the mind.

Rest your hand comfortably on your lap and imagine the butterfly sitting on your index finger while taking slow gentle breaths.

Keep bringing the mind back to observing the subtle movements of this delicate contact with the butterfly. Continue with gentle loving breaths.

As you come to the end of your meditation with this butterfly, give thanks and allow it to leave your finger and fly away.

Visualize the colors of the ocean as part of this exploration.

The Ocean pulsates with the heartbeat of the planet. With each breath recognize how your heartbeat comes into harmony with the heartbeat of the ocean. Be observant of your breathing in rhythm with this ocean pulse.

With each breath, feel the ocean in its great expanse around the globe.

Envision this global ocean as a healing force bringing vitality and abundance to all. Feel this in your body with three slow and loving breaths. Stay here and enjoy the experience of ocean breathing.

Hummingbirds can fly and stay stationary in midair as they drink nectar from a flower.

Like the hummingbird, you are asked to use a soft gaze at a point on the horizon, slow your breathing, and with fixed vision, allow your third eye to open.

Allow yourself to connect with whatever you consider to be “source” energy. Stay here breathing in source and allow it to nurture your whole body.

Stay here, with gentle loving breaths until your entire body is filled with the nectar of this sweet energy.

Visualize growing roots that extend down and extend out into the earth in a wide diameter.

Imagine your tap root going deep into the earth. Feel the movement through the soil.

Bring yourself into a comfortable sitting position and begin to gently breathe in the warm air of the desert.

Imagine the flowers of this cactus positioned at the top of your crown and opening to the sunlight. Notice these flowers opening slowly to follow the sun. Take three slow breaths and feel the opening and connection with this warm light.

Stay here connected with gentle breaths as the light continues to bathe your crown area. Extend this light down into your roots and to the surrounding plants and living beings. Breath the warm gentle air in this place.

Visualize walking into a warm relaxing body of water and bring yourself to a floating position on your back with your arms out to your side.

Take a few breaths here and relax every part of your body, starting at the feet and working up to your head. In this position, you reach out and join hands with a circle of people who you love and who love you. Your left hand faces up as it floats and your right hand faces down as you hold hands in a circle.

Float here and feel how the energy moves freely around the circle. At the center of this circle, the waters are a beautiful lighter color where you are sharing your light with others.

The power of this connection also acts as a protective energy. You can also share this beautiful feeling of safety and relaxation with the Sea Otters in their habitat.

Visualize the rain cleansing all of the earth’s flowers of any chemistry that is not life-supporting. See this rainwater transform into pure water that returns cleansed into the waterways. As the air dries the plants the aroma of flowers now attracts extraordinary numbers of insects and honey bees to feed on nectar and carry pollen. Imagine a honey bee slowly landing on a flower and falling asleep inside. Stay here, breathe, and observe.

Walking Meditation – merging with the beauty of nature

These are suggestions you can try out but eventually, you will be incorporating just the aspects that work for you. The intention for these meditations is to have a special time that is free from the business of life where you can know more deeply your connection to this living planet and allow your mind to settle into the present moment. Here are some memorable ways to incorporate helpful elements into your walk:

Become friendly – greet this landscape like a dear friend. Be aware of opening your energetic field and greeting the elements and sentient beings of that area.

Become sensational – tune in to the full spectrum of what you are hearing, sensing on your skin, smelling, and sounds of the earth under your feet and all around you. Who is communicating in this area? Take short breaks just to listen.

Become breathtaking – notice your breathing pattern and whether it feels gentle and relaxed or are the breaths shorter and never reach your lower abdomen. With each step allow your breath to help you release any tension. This includes your jaw, eyes, neck and shoulders.

Becoming merged – as you walk, imagine merging with one of the elements in nature. You can ask which one would be best and see if an answer is revealed or you can try out the option that seems most obvious. Can you walk through the woods as a tree-being? A mushroom-being? Or merge with the element of air with clouds above or waters nearby? Notice how this changes your energetic field and the way you experience your body.

Becoming still – you’ve spent part of your walk becoming consciousness to this realm of reality and now you can rest in the stillness of your mind and keep coming back to just being present, step by step, breath by breath.

Keep the spirit of gratitude throughout your walk and remember to return back to this when your mind diverts elsewhere.

Basic Meditation
for All Habitats

This basic meditation is about envisioning full vibrant health for yourself and then connecting with the energetic field of your habitat. You can focus on one point in the Habitat card or close your eyes to perceive this landscape.

Before continuing, settle into a comfortable position for this meditation.

• With each new breath, imagine a soft breeze coming through your room that gently moves across you to help release tension in your body

• With the next three breaths imagine this breeze is carrying a mist that reinvigorates your energetic field. Enjoy this process.

• Now you are ready to include your habitat.

• Open your senses to witness the energy of this habitat. Perceive the aliveness with your whole body. Notice how beautifully your vibrancy merges with the energy of this place. Stay here and maintain your curiosity and sense of awe as you continue to sense the energies of your merged fields.

• Allow your breath to continue to move throughout your body.

• Express your love for all the aliveness of the plant, water, sky, land, and sentient beings that live here. Stay here for a few minutes and when you’re ready to give thanks and say goodbye.

The Catalyst Meditation

This is a meditation of spaciousness and abundance. Use your creative inner vision to bring you to a place where you can observe the habitat or species of your area that needs help. Bring your body and breathing into a relaxed state. Come to a place of stillness for both you, the species, and/or this habitat. Stay in this place and sense the abundance of this species within the landscape and the gentle expansion of their protected habitat. Now send this image (and all other perceptions of this being or place) to the person who needs this support to make positive changes. You are the catalyst for change by sharing this intention and positive energies with those who need guidance and support.

Basic Guideline
for Rewilding Prayers

Prayer can be a deeply personal and spiritual practice, and you can adapt this template to your own beliefs and values. The key is to channel your intentions and energy toward positive change and abundance for all sentient beings and habitats.

✦ Start your prayer by expressing gratitude for the Earth and the beauty and diversity of life it sustains.

✦ Acknowledge that the survival of one species is linked to the survival of others.

✦ Pray for the strength and resilience of all beings in the face of climate-related and habitat-loss challenges.

✦ Pray for communities and leaders to work together to find sustainable solutions.

✦ Envision a future where all sentient beings can thrive in harmony with nature.

✦ End your prayer with a personal commitment to being part of the solution.

All faiths or spiritual backgrounds are welcome to create a prayer and adapt it as needed to align with their individual beliefs. You may want to involve invoking the deities or figures that are most relevant to your faith.

Meditation and prayer share similarities in that they both involve a form of focused mental or spiritual engagement, but their purposes and approaches differ.


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