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Insights of the Holistic Steward

Radiance & Herbs from the Labyrinth 13 W Grant Street, Lancaster, PA, United States

Join us for an introduction to Shamanic Journeying and an oracle deck focused on threatened species and their special gifts. Shamanic Journeying skills will assist us to meet our spiritual guides to gain insights as Holistic Stewards. For the beginner who is curious to meet animal spirit guides and those interested in connecting with species…


Shamanic Journeying

The Yoga Place 9 Hahnstown Road, Ephrata, PA, United States

Shamanism is an ancient spiritual practice that exists on every continent dating back 40,000 years. This spiritual practice is based on the concept of animism, which holds that all of nature possesses a spiritual essence. Our ancestors believed that our health and survival depended on maintaining a relationship between the natural and spiritual worlds. Come…

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