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Born into Repurposing and Recycling

Born into Repurposing and Recycling

The nature of rubber wearing away versus the steel-belted radials giving up and snapping are two events that happen around the same time when a tire explodes on the road. How much force does it take to break 1/2 inch…

the first piece of tire

Along the Way

In 1977, Micheal and I took a friend’s brand new TR6 Triumph convertible for a test drive. It was a beautiful day, and the windy back roads of Valley Forge Mountain were the perfect place to enjoy this zippy little…

Saami petroglyph

Interpreting Encoded Fragments

As an artist, I am attracted to various art forms that help present our inner thoughts and feelings into something new and sometimes remembered. You can sense this when looking at a cave painting as well as a Jackson Pollock…

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